Mini-documentaries and personal reflections. Of all the film work I’ve done, these are closest to my heart.

Scar Beneath My Sleeve

My neighborhood seemed too perfect to be real -- until a tragedy changed everything.

Land of Sleep

I live in a city that doesn't sleep, but I grew up in a town that never wakes. In this film, I visit the strange, somnambulent place I used to call home, and examine the way my feelings about it have changed over the years.

The Accidental Sea

A few years ago, the late, great film critic Roger Ebert saw this little film of mine and wrote: “This video is haunting and beautiful. A lament for man’s foolish optimism in the implacable face of nature.” That still may be the greatest compliment anyone’s ever paid my work, in film or letters.

When it Rains Like This

I'm not sure if I like it when it rains like this,
but it sure is pretty.

Talking Pictures

When I tell people I collect old photos with writing on them, I usually get a blank stare. I made this video to help explain how I find them and why I love them. All the photos in the video are also featured in my book of the same name.

Searching for Miss Peregrine

Back in 2011, I flew to Belgium to shoot the book trailer for Miss Peregrine
— and found a lot more than I bargained for.

Ransom Riggs. © All Rights Reserved, 2014.
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